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Maintaining accurate data is vital in most businesses. From an HR point of view it is essential, especially in relation to discrimination, diversity and disciplinary procedures.

Discrimination and Diversity

If your company has public sector dealings or has a discrimination and diversity policy, then it may need to be able to back up that policy with actual data. What you don’t want is a sudden straw poll of your employees to try and establish some relevant data.

The most efficient way of gathering data relating to discrimination and diversity is to include a series of simple tick boxes which can be added to the employee’s contract of employment. This means that data relating to disabilities or gender, for instance, can be easily gathered when an employee is hired and stored for later use.

Records should also be kept of any workplace incidents that may be construed to involve discrimination, which brings us on to discipline.


Discipline can be one of the most time consuming and least popular issues an employer has to deal with. A mass of evidence will usually need to gathered, including statements from witnesses, copies of letters or emails, minutes of meetings and notes of actions to be taken resulting from those meetings.

There may also be dealings with Union representatives and detailed points of employment law to be considered.

Once again, accurate records need to be taken and stored.

As an employer, these are the sort of issues that can deflect you from your main task – running your business successfully. If you do not employ any dedicated HR staff then this can become a real headache. Fortunately, help is at hand.

Auxil Ltd are a Gloucester based firm who specialise in offering friendly but professional advice on a host of HR matters. They will be happy to ensure that you have the correct discrimination and diversity data or can advise how best to obtain it. They can also deal with and disciplinary problems you may be experiencing.

Contact Auxil on 03300 884352 for a confidential discussion.