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In the wake of the Health & Safety Executive’s (HSE) recent construction inspection initiative, the construction industry has launched fresh guidelines around the tricky problem of occupational health risks.

HSE issued over 200 enforcement notices relating to occupational health as a result of its recent wave of inspections of construction industry sites. It was clear that there is a misunderstanding of what “occupational health” means to the construction sector.

Construction industry employers were shown to have a misguided belief that health at work was more difficult to manage than safety. Consequently a working group of the Construction Industry Advisory Committee have drawn up a new set of guidelines called “Occupational Health Risk Management in Construction” which can be accessed for at the websites of HSE or the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

Despite great advances in the improvement of safety on construction sites, much still needs to be done in terms of occupational health. IOSH estimate that 100 people a week die from construction related health problems. In addition, less than half of the construction workforce stays in the industry until the age of 60.

IOSH believe that the new guidelines will raise awareness of the health issues in the industry and improve how they may best be managed.

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