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mental ilness blog feb 2016









One in four people suffer with mental health problems but it is often seen as a taboo subject, especially in the workplace. There can be many reasons for this, most commonly that an employee fears being seen as a weak personality, affecting his relationships with his colleagues and promotion prospects.

It makes absolute sense for all businesses to show support for employees who are suffering from mental health problems. Research shows that if employees feel they are supported in such instances they become more loyal to the company and show more engagement and motivation in the workplace. This can only be good for the business.

There are plenty of ways for a business to provide a healthy workplace for their employees, thus increasing motivation, commitment and attendance. Here are just a few examples:
• Make sure employees have a good work/life balance.
• Be absolutely clear when explaining an employee’s responsibilities and expectations.
• Provide employees with flexible working hours whenever possible.
• Encourage social and sporting events amongst the staff.
Even simple measures such as these can improve your employee’s mental health and wellbeing and reduce the risks of stress, anxiety and breakdown.
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