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Employers are being encouraged to organise more fun events in the workplace.

Staff job satisfaction has dropped to a two year low, so employers should be looking at ways to make the workplace a more fun environment which will reduce employee stress, boost morale and help staff retention.

BrightHR have published their It Pays to Play report which highlights these key points:

• Two-thirds of the 2,000 UK workers surveyed said that a fun environment at work would encourage them to be more productive and take less time off.
• 54% of those who said they felt stressed all the time said that fun in the workplace would help them.
• 62% of employees who had not taken a sick day during the last three months before the survey experienced fun of some kind in their workplace.
• Workers in the North East and Wales were the highest number claiming they had no fun at work. Londoners were found to have the most fun.

The survey concluded that having fun at work is essential for employees’ health and wellbeing and recommended activities such as table tennis or days out.

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