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june 16 blogWith the rate of change in legislation affecting the workplace seemingly increasing every week, it can be hard to keep up to date. It is also vital that your employees are aware of some of the important changes, especially with regard to health and safety matters.

It is just one more thing that you as an employer have to take care of. However, Auxil can take some of that strain away from you.

Let our experts handle all your staff training and induction requirements. Our friendly and professional staff have plenty of experience working with new employees, running small workshops and holding one to one meetings with individuals on any number of Health & Safety, Human Resources and Construction Safety topics.

We can offer:

• Induction courses for new employees
• Development of management skills
• Upskilling workshops or one to one sessions for employees wishing to improve their knowledge in our specialist areas
• Updates on the latest relevant legislation
• Professional mentoring
• Tool box talks

We can keep your staff up to date with all the latest legislation relevant to your industry so why not give us a call today on 03300 884352 to discuss your requirements.