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There is a long standing method in the field of training and development known as the 70:20:10 principle. These are percentages that can be used to gauge how people learn on average.

• 10% is learnt in the classroom, on training courses or workshops.
• 20% comes from social learning with colleagues which includes mentoring, coaching, blogs, social media and the like.
• 70% is self-learning – getting stuck in, experimenting and learning by doing.

As an example, consider the impact a new IT system might have on your workforce. The first reaction is to throw hands in the air and think we’ll never get them to buy into it.

You will if you follow the 70:20:10 principle.

Start with workshops for your team leaders and managers. Explain the system and its advantages to them and get them on board. They can then dissemble the information to their teams.

Secondly, make sure you provide plenty of online resources and encourage staff to engage with the material.

Finally, set up a sandbox environment and let the people play! You’ll be amazed how quickly they become adept with the new system and may even feedback some of their own useful tips and shortcuts.

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