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I was interested to see a recent front page headline in The Daily Mirror.  It featured a dramatic picture of a crashed airliner from which all 300 passengers and crew escaped safely.

“How did they all get out alive?” asks its bold headline.  I think the answer is obvious – excellent Health and Safety training.

At the time of writing, reports are sketchy but it appears that Emirates Flight 521 was forced to land at Dubai airport without using its landing gear.  The Boeing 777 caught fire but the crew evacuated everyone on board safely.  A firefighter unfortunately lost his life tackling the blaze.

The Emirates chairman told a press conference that evacuation procedures were executed professionally and the cabin crew were the last to leave the plane.
I think Health and Safety generally gets a bad press.  Here, however, you see the results of many hours training that the crew will have gone through to perfect their escape procedures.  

We have all sat through the in-flight safety videos and witnessed cabin crew pointing out where the emergency exits are.  I’m sure many of us think ‘oh no, not this again’.  This fortunately rare occurrence shows why such procedures are necessary.  

So the next time anyone tries to tell you that Health and Safety isn’t important remember the three hundred lives saved by the well-drilled crew on Flight 521.

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