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I never cease to be amazed at the utter rubbish that gets printed in some newspapers. 

It stems from the assumption that ‘the world has gone politically correct mad’ and it really must be a copywriter’s dream to be paid to make up some of the stories that get published.

Here are three of my favourites that crop up regularly.


Graduates banned from throwing mortar boardshealth and safety regulations do not stop successful students from celebrating passing their degrees.  The point here is that most of the boards and gowns are hired and the companies that rent them out don’t want them damaged, hence the request not to throw them in the air.

Children to wear goggles to play conkers – this old chestnut does the rounds every autumn.  It seems that a well-meaning head did once decide that their schoolchildren should wear safety goggles when playing conkers.  There are no official regulations to this effect, however, as the chances of anyone being injured during a game is extremely slight. 

Workers told they can’t wear flip flops – once again, there are no official rules governing what you can and can’t wear on your feet to work.  Some environments make wearing them unsuitable and some companies may have dress codes banning them.  After all, they are not a good look with a suit.  That is a fashion concern rather than a health and safety one!

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