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I am pleased to be able to do a lot of Health & Safety consultancy work with Tithegrove Ltd, a major civil engineering and groundwork contractor throughout Gloucestershire and the South West.

Recently they asked me to take part in a video they were having made.  Tithegrove specialise in the preparation of building sites, creating and connecting the infrastructure and laying the foundations up to ground floor level.

My role as Health and Safety consultant led to me to being involved in the filming of their new video.  My scene deals with the Health and Safety induction when a new employee first arrives at the site.  He will be greeted by his Supervisor and introduced to the Site Manager who conducts the induction.  

Click here to see the relevant scene:

So that’s something else for my CV – film star!

I can help you with any Health and Safety issues you might have or provide training for your staff so why not give me a call today on 03300 884352 to discuss your requirements.