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Although it can sometimes be overlooked, maintaining safe transport procedures on building sites is an important Health & Safety issue.  I’m afraid this was highlighted by a case recently reported by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

David Cole was site foreman on a large housing development in Wokingham.  In December 2014 he was walking along a site road when he was hit by a bulk powder (mortar) carrier and dragged under it.

Mr Cole received life threatening injuries.  He fractured his left hip, requiring a pin insertion, broke fingers on his left hand and his left leg has become permanently shorter than the right by some 20mm.

The HSE prosecuting at Reading Crown Court said that the incident could have been avoided if vehicles had been correctly monitored and barriers erected so that pedestrians had not been allowed to walk on the road.

The Principal Contractor, Crest Nicholson Operations Ltd, were found to have failed to plan and manage the workplace transport correctly and fined a total of £800,000 with costs of £10,984.

If you want to avoid risking a hefty fine, I can help you with any Health and Safety issues you might have or provide training for your staff.  Give me a call today on 03300 884352 to discuss your requirements.