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You’d be surprised how often I get asked this question so I thought I’d write up a Case Study of one job I was heavily involved with.

Walmer Yard is a unique development of four spectacular new three storey houses with additional basements in West London, designed by Peter Salter for property developer Crispin Kelly.   The project took some thirteen years to come to fruition and the resulting properties are expected to fetch a cool £22 million.

I was involved for nearly four years dealing with a host of Health & Safety issues that arose from this fascinating development.   

The construction took place in a courtyard, a tight space between two existing houses, so one of the first things I needed to do was establish the party wall documentation.  It was essential that none of our properties abutted the existing ones.

There was no water, sewers or drainage so that all had to be organised before work began.  Once I met the workforce I realised I had a further problem as many did not have English as their first language.  It was up to me to organise a team of interpreters to ensure they all understood what was required of them with regards to H&S.  I also organised a thorough H&S induction for everyone associated with this unique site.

So that tells the first part of the story.  For the rest, including how we got a crane in and out of the tiny site, take a look at this link:

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