Hard hitting facts: 
693,000 Workers sustained injury according to self-reports in 2019/20 
Of these self-reports, 168,000 injuries resulted in over 7 days of absence from work. 
65,427 Employee non-fatal injuries reported by employers under RIDDOR in 2019/20 
Of these 65,427 RIDDOR reports; 29% were attributed to slips trips or falls, 19% were attributed to manual handling, 11%struck by moving objects, 9% Acts of violence and lastly 8% Falls from height. 
The number 1 and number 2 workplace injury rate per 100,000 workers during 2019/20 was Construction and Agriculture, forestry and fishing. These industries have a statistically significantly higher risk of injury compared to other industries. Although recent trending suggests that the injury rate has been falling over the last decade, it is now starting to plateau across the board, this includes Self reports, RIDDORS and fatalities. 
111 Workers were killed at work in 2019/20 in fatal injuries. 
Injuries at work do not only affect the individual but also the employers, it is estimated that nearly 6.3 Million working days were lost due to non-fatal workplace injuries. 
13,000 total annual deaths linked to past exposures at work. 
Of these 13,000 total annual deaths, nearly 12,000 are liked to lung diseases. 2,446 Mesothelioma deaths with a similar number of cancer deaths linked to exposures to asbestos. 
The estimated rate of new cases of occupational asthma is also rising peaking in 2019. 
£35.8 Million in fines by the HSE resulting from prosecutions 
The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) is a UK government agency responsible for the encouragement, regulation and enforcement of workplace health, safety and welfare. Their goal is to prevent workplace death, injury or ill health. 
They issued 7,075 notices during 2019/20. Over 2000 of the notices provided were Prohibition notices, the remaining being Improvement notices. 
£16.2 Billion Annual costs of work-related injury/ill health 
When we look at the breakdown of cost bearing for this £16.2 Billion the results are staggering: 
• £3.2 Billion to Employers 
• £3.5 Billion to the Government 
• £9.6 Billion to individuals 
When investing into Health & Safety, you are not only investing into your business, but also yourself. Here at Auxil we can help you to avoid becoming part of these numbers. 
All information souced at: www.hse.gov.uk 
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