You may be aware that working at height is one of the biggest factors in the fatalities and injuries that take place in the workplace. Common accidents are falling from height or falling through fragile surfaces. 
Here are some sensible do's and don’ts to combat the potential hazards. 
The biggest don’t is, of course, to avoid working at height entirely wherever possible. This is not always practical or possible though, so you need to take sensible precautions and plan properly. 
As much work as possible at ground level 
Make sure there is a safe route to and from the area where the work at height will take place 
Ensure there is adequate protection from possible falling objects 
Check all equipment is suitable and strong enough for the task required - regular maintenance is essential 
Be especially cautious when working near fragile surfaces 
Check the label on access equipment to ensure the safe working load (SWL) is not being exceeded 
Have emergency evacuation and rescue procedures in place 
Allow anyone who is not competent to work at height 
Overload ladders – remember to consider carefully the equipment and materials workers may be carrying 
Rest ladders against unsuitable or weak surfaces such as plastic guttering or glazing 
Overreach on ladders 
Use ladders for heavy or strenuous tasks – consider scaffolding as a safer and more stable alternative 
If you would like more information about working at height or training for your staff, please feel free to contact me on 0330 088 4352
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