It is well established those businesses that continually learn and develop thrive in challenging and changing environments and this success is ultimately determined by the capability of its employees or leaders. 
. Despite this understanding employee learning is limited to compliance training only, with little or no commit to investing in employees beyond this. Usually this decision is due to limits in financial resources or lack of understanding of how learning can transform their businesses. With this in mind we have put together some practical advice on how businesses may overcome these limits and be more innovative about how they can translate learning into business results. 
Firstly, it is important to understand where it is suggested learning takes place using the 70:20:10 model: 
As shown, this particular model suggests that most learning takes place through practice and experience rather than through formal training courses. This is important as it enables any business to invest in their employees by providing them with continuous opportunities to learn at work. To achieve this continuous learning employers can adopt the following: 
• Respect, recognise and reward knowledge and the acquisition of knowledge 
• Encourage learning taking place anytime, anyplace, anywhere 
• Value informal learning 
• Encourage the use of trusted on-line communities and social media to learn 
• Give employees the time to learn and allow for mistakes 
• Understand were the expertise is within a group and encourage knowledge transfer 
• Use job rotation and job shadowing to enable learning 
• Use stories as a learning tool 
• Give employees business problems and challenges to solve 
• Encourage learning through practice and giving feedback at every opportunity 
• Use digital technologies as learning tools, where possible e.g. virtual reality, gamification 
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