The World Health Organisation has been saying for a long time that companies that protect and promote their employee’s health are the most successful and competitive and have a better rate of employee retention.  
With that in mind, here are some easy ideas to help you change your workplace to make it healthier and more productive... 
Encourage more creativity. If you give your employees more autonomy and flexibility around how they work you will improve morale and probably productivity as well. Always encourage employees to suggest ways to improve your workplace and your work practices. 
Look to improve employees’ health. Healthy employees are happy employees and likely to be more productive. Think about supplying free fruit to encourage healthy diets. Subsidised gym membership and promotions like cycle to work days are also worth trying. 
Improve teamwork. Make sure your workforce is onside with your company goals and values. If you have harmony between management and employees you stand a much better chance of collective success. 
Remove negativity. A negative influence in the workforce can cause untold damage, whether through bullying or just not pulling their weight on a shift. Performance reviews and training can highlight issues enabling you to improve behaviour or, if necessary, initiate disciplinary measures. 
Reward achievement. If you have staff that regularly exceed performance expectations then they should be recognised and rewarded. Introduce a way of acknowledging their contribution, perhaps by instigating a bonus scheme. 
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