The HSE website states that “There is other legislation governing the proper disposal of waste, ranging from low-risk waste through to hazardous waste. These laws are enforced by the Environment Agency and Local Authorities. 
However, all waste produced can also present a real safety hazard to workers if it is not properly managed throughout the project.” 
Managers/supervisors therefore need to decide: 
How waste produced during building work will be managed; and 
Who is responsible for collecting and disposal of waste? Problems arise when company and individual duties are not made clear before work starts. 
Top tips for waste management on smaller projects: 
Flammable materials - make sure that all flammable waste (such as boxes, packaging and timber offcuts) are cleared away regularly to reduce fire risks; 
Work areas - make clearing waste a priority. Check that everyone is aware of what is required and that it is completed; 
Skips - waste materials need storing safely before their removal, so make sure that there is sufficient space for waste skips and bins etc. Plan where the skips can be positioned and how often they will need to be collected; 
Waste within buildings - consider waste generated inside the building and whether you need to provide wheeled bins or chutes etc. to enable it to be brought out of the building safely. 
What can we learn from this? 
• Waste disposal needs to be organised and managed 
• Risk assessments and method statements need to be undertaken (RAMS) prior to carrying out work that 
produces waste 
• Responsibilities for collection and disposal of waste need to be reinforced so that everyone knows 
• The type of waste disposal control measures need to be commensurate with the waste being produced 
• Vegetation waste such as timber offcuts need to be secured and cleared away to reduce potential fires. 
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