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Posts tagged “employee absence”

Business owners throughout the UK value the contribution of their employees in the delivery of quality services and products to their customers. 
Whilst recognising employees may be prevented from attending work through ill health, businesses have a duty to provide a safe place of work, to ensure staff remain fit for work to maintain service and product delivery and minimise disruption. It is therefore important to commit to managing attendance and for managers and employees to take responsibility to work together to promote the management of sickness absence. We have therefore put together a number of points to help businesses. To achieve the desired level of attendance employers may adopt the following: 
• Promote the health, safety and wellbeing of all employees, including the use of risk assessments to identify and manage hazards impacting on health in the workplace. 
• Monitor levels of sickness absence for individuals, teams and the business as a whole. 
• Implement procedures to support and manage employee absences, whilst dealing with unjustified and/or high levels of sickness absence. 


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