Earlier this month we had the chance to take a Student at Severn Vale School under our wings for a week so he could experience everything Auxil had to offer. 
“Working with Auxil has shown me that Health and Safety and HR Consultancy are two massive industries, the way Auxil has blended them both together is ‘really’ clever! I would love to work for a company like this in the future.” 
Creating work experience opportunities for students and school leavers is a beneficial situation for both your company and for the young person. 
For employers, work experience is about giving back to society and helping the future economy by doing your bit to help preparing young people for the world of work. Employers who offer work experience give young people the opportunity to work on the company premises for a few days, giving them insight to the reality of your industry. Many young people, once they have completed or while completing their GCSEs have an idea of what they want to do as a future career, but they have no real hands on experience in the workplace. 
They are fresh from the classroom and so by offering work experience opportunities, employers help to shape the young people’s perceptions of the world of work. It gives students an opportunity to be part of a different environment and to learn about what is expected of staff in the workplace from superiors and managers.  
Creating work experience opportunities also means you are helping students and school leavers to make more informed choices about their future. Depending on the sector you are working in, their time in your workplace will give young people some valuable practical experience in an industry that could be competitive. Work experience within that profession or industry could be a crucial stepping stone for them and, of course, they will be more ready for the workplace once they have completed their programme. 
It is said that, because a young person now has the hands-on experience within your industry, they are more likely to remain in that field as a result of you offering work experience. Perhaps they are now pondering an apprenticeship or a university route into your profession. 
This benefits you as an employer because you have a bigger pool of young talent to choose from. It is well known that the United Kingdom is currently experiencing a skills shortage, and this is acute in some industries. By creating work experience opportunities and giving students and school leavers a taster of your industry, you are helping to narrow that skills gap: to read more about how to solve the skills gap read our previous blog. 
Young people with little or no experience of the workplace are not a burden but can be a breath of fresh air If you have always tackled some issues from the same angle, a young student or school leaver could offer a completely different perspective. They might not have the practical experience just yet, but they can bring a whole new dynamic and energy to your team. 
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