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Sustainable Energy Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine Erection

Making sure everything Safe ... Let's find a way.
One overcast day somewhere in the hills of Wales, a band of men and women had the arduous task of erecting a Wind Turbine. So, dressed in the obligatory PPE and with a selection of heavy plant; they set to this military style operation ...
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Three Storey Houses Development

Property Development

Making sure everything Safe ... Let's find a way.
Walmer Yard is a unique development of four spectacular new three storey houses with additional basements in West London, designed by Peter Salter for property developer Crispin Kelly. The project took some thirteen years to come to fruition and the resulting properties are expected to fetch a cool £22 million. I was involved for nearly four years dealing with a host of Health & Safety issues that arose from this fascinating development ...
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Sustainable Energy Solar Farm

Solar Farms Project

Making sure everything Safe ... Let's find a way.
In recent years the growth of solar farms has been rapid, with 3.4% of the UK’s electricity being generated through solar energy in 2016. Despite the decrease in tariffs paid by the government in 2011, investment in solar farms has continued ...
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Human Resources

Health & Safety

Training & Induction