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Not for Profit Sector Specialist

You can find plenty of firms offering HR consultancy. What makes me different is that I have extensive experience in the Not-for-Profit sector.

In general, HR consultants will be looking at ways to make your business more profitable without taking to consideration your other priorities including creating a great culture, proving a great service to your customers and creating great communities. I understand that the sector is results driven, not simply profit driven.

For 10 years I was the Head of HR at Two Rivers Housing, a company managing some 4,000 rented properties throughout Gloucestershire. They did not see themselves as merely a landlord, however. The organisation was very much part of the community, providing local employment and community amenities.

I understand that an organisation like this relies on its staff to foster the best customer satisfaction as efficiently and effectively that it can. To do that, you need a workforce that is fully engaged and keen to promote the organisation’s values.

If your company is involved in the Not-for-Profit sector and you need HR advice on any aspect from updating your HR policies to training to improving employer engagement, then give me a call today on 03300 884352.

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