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Whatever your requirements, we feel we can meet them in a friendly, professional and proactive manner at a price that you can afford. Our full management package costs just £1.70 per day – that’s less than a double espresso at Costa!   auxil-ltd-gloucester-health-and-safety-human-resources-expresso

Take advantage of one of our packages to save you the time, effort and money of doing the job yourself or employing someone full time. Then you can get on with what you do best!

See listed below are our most popular packages.


Health, Safety & HR Manager
Reviewing and getting your company's HR or Health and Safety documents and procedures in good order - initial £300 investment, then an annual contract providing you with unlimited access to professional, practical and proactive advice, together with telephone support and the documentation you need.
From just £50.00 per month

 auxil-health-and-safety-human-resources-gloucester-20-1 Health, Safety & HR Advisor
If you don’t want to commit to an annual contract, try our one off advice service for your requirements.
From just £20.00 per call/email (up to 20 minutes) – first one FREE! 

Health, Safety & HR Consultant
We can provide a professional consultant to visit with you on site to discuss and solve your specific issues.
From £300 per day, £175 per half-day, plus expenses


Health, Safety & HR Documents
Let us provide the documents and templates in order for your business to run more smoothly and comply with current legislation. 
From just £29.99 per document 


Health, Safety & HR Training
Bespoke professional training for you and your staff delivered by our friendly experts where and when you want it.
From £500 per day, £375 per half-day, plus expenses


Other Services
Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.  We're always happy to help to find a bespoke package to suit your business.
Price on application

 All fees are subject to VAT.

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