Now is the time for companies to get ready to survey their employees to not only gain their place on the Times Top 100 companies list, but to also understand what their employees think about their working lives. 
We can all agree that highly engaged and motivated people are the most productive and successful. 
So why do some company owners believe that understanding what their employees think is important and others don’t? 
There are obviously lots of reasons, ranging from 'we just don’t care', to 'we would if we had the time and the money'.  
Some companies, on the other hand, have an employee survey but choose not to do anything with the results, the survey is simply a tick box exercise. 
So, what about companies that spend time talking to their employees informally, take their concerns and suggestions seriously and then act?  
In these cases, it's simply part of their company culture, and we believe (not scientifically proven of course) that there are thousands and thousands of company owners who do this.  
Are these companies doing themselves a disservice in not formalising this process? Of course not.  
Capturing these great examples and using them to show potential employees, existing staff and customers what a great company you have will go a long way in making everyone more motivated and engaged in your business. 
It will also make your staff more productive, and ultimately lead to a more successful company.  
So, why not just give it a go? And don’t forget to do both a 'before' and 'after' evaluation! 
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