Now that we are in a New Year, many will now be looking on refreshing themselves. 
So why not refresh the way you run your business? 
Here are a few tips on how to refresh your business for 2019: 
Start with The Issues 
In order to change the way you are running your business, you need to identify the problems within your current business plan. There are many practical ways in which businesses can impose a fresh, strategic perspective. For example, we could imagine how a set of specific economic, social, and business trends will affect your business, as well as ways to capture the opportunities which may arise in 2019, only after this analysis and discussion can we then settle into the more typical planning exercise of financial forecasting and identifying strategic initiatives. 
Source the Right People 
The issues cannot be resolved unless the right people are in place to help resolve the problem. Staff motivation is important in this process and overall within the first vital weeks of a new year, as a business owner, it’s your job to keep your staff morale high and willing to be open to new opportunities to help you refresh your business. This can be achieved in a number of ways; 
1. Communicate Better - If you’re not present within the workplace and you cannot communicate your ideas and plans in an effective way. The importance of employee communication is often overlooked. You should communicate with them frequently, and actually speak with them face-to-face. Your staff needs to know they are valued and communicating in person with them is the best way to show your appreciation for their hard work. 
2. Be a Positive Example – You cannot expect your staff to work one way if you’re not leading by example, if you show your excitement about your company goals and targets, your employees will develop excitement about working towards achieving those goals and targets. Good moods are always infectious-, especially in the workplace. 
3. Empower Them – Give your employees more flexibility on how they do their jobs, there is no harm in asking for their input and suggestions on how they can improve their own performance. Most employees have ideas about how they can be more efficient; however, they may not express this without you asking first. You could implement regular employee reviews to discuss this. To really empower your employees, you need to take their advice and implement it. 
Implement an Improved Strategy 
Now that you have analysed the issues with your current plan and sourced the right staff for the job, you now need to implement your updated business strategy. 
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